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Maria Soler

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My name is Maria Soler and I have my shop in Santa Coloma de Queralt (Conca de Barberà)

I first started my project in 2010 with Al pot petit hi ha…, until today. Now it is already fully consolidated as Maria Soler, l’art de la conserva (Maria Soler, the art of the preserve.)

My aim is to confer the excellence to every single unit of product. That way my personality and the passion for my craftsmanship are present throughout my whole range of products, as I could not work otherwise.

I love to cook and I only know to cook that way, as I am an artisan, with all my knowledge concentrated on the final product. But also with love, an ingredient that I deem essential to better enjoy a product that has the vocation to be unique.

Maria Soler

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